What is STRIVE?

STRIVE Sports Ministry is part of ONE Ministry Foundation. We use our athletic background as a platform. We hold S.A.Q. (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) Camps for youth, and we bring in current and former college athletes to help young athletes, not only physically, but spiritually as well as by presenting "Life Points," promoting good decisions making on and off the field, and by sharing their personal testimonies of their faith in Christ.

Why Serve?

KHristina's Story

Serving in Colombia with OMF was important to me because i was able to support my cousin and her husband as well as get a vision of what their ministry and lives look like in Colombia. I was also drawn to going on this trip because of STRIVE sports camp I was apart of. On every mission trip I have been on, I have always gone in with the mentality of how I can serve. While there, and after returning to my life in the States, I was take back by how God used the experiences I had in Colombia to mold and shape my life a little differently than before I left. On this trip I met soccer coaches who have dedicated their time to mentoring the kids on their team. Their testimonies moved me and gave me a renewed vision of what it looks like to live among a community of people and share Christ with them.