"Kids of Peace"

OMF has branched out to include an Education Program.  It is called Niños de Paz/Mentes Inteligentes (Kids of Peace/Intelligent Minds).  Twice a week we host a 2 hour class for kids ages 6 – 13. For the first 45 minutes we play games to make them think, to grow their minds while having fun, we use Checkers, Connect 4, Memory, puzzles, and sudoku.  During this “play time” we can chat about their week and issues that may be going on their life.   After the games we have a biblically based character building lesson, and then about 30 minutes of English class.  Our character lessons are based on a verse (or 2) and are taught for 3 weeks, each week by a different leader.  This allows the kids to deeply understand the topic and learn the verse(s).  Using various teachers allows for different perspectives and learning styles.  During each lesson we share the gospel, and encourage the kids to talk with us after class.  Since April 2017 we have had 9 kids accept Christ as their Savior!!!   

We believe there is a lot of significance in a name.  We chose Niños de Paz to encourage the kids to be peaceful in an environment that is often unfriendly.  We pray over the kids and their families, we interact with the families, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to love on them a little bit every week. 

Once a month we want to provide a hot snack/meal for all of the kids who come.  This can be possible by businesses and individuals (like you) who come along side us financially.   

Will you prayerfully consider becoming a ministry partner today??