In September of 2012, Stephen and Kari served together in a small village, La Laguna, Guatemala. It was there that God planted the seed for International Missions on their hearts. Months after returning home from Guatemala, Stephen and Kari were both still shaken about what they had just experienced.

“I just felt helpless and unsettled. I couldn’t just go back to the same old routines in my life, as if nothing happened. I can’t un-see what I saw and I can’t take back what I experienced. Now, I have a responsibility to respond.” –Stephen N. Sene

Through prayers, fasting, and Godly counsel, God allowed that seed for missions to grow. In the fall of 2013, Stephen and Kari answered their call into International Missions. The next question was, to where? They had originally thought that it would be Guatemala, since that’s where it all started for them, but God had other plans.

During a Wednesday evening service at their home church, God spoke to Stephen and told him where they were going to serve, Colombia, South America! They immediately began to search for places to serve and organizations to serve with in Colombia. They had sent out several emails to different organizations and not one of them responded. Then, after weeks of searching, Kari found Open Arms Foundation (OAF), an organization that works with street kids in Medellin. Kari sent OAF a message expressing their interest in working with. The very next day, OAF responded and Stephen and Kari were able to set up a conference call with the President and Founder of Open Arms Foundation, Bill Perrow.

In March of 2014, Stephen and Kari went to Medellin, Colombia and visited Open Arms Foundation. Stephen and Kari saw first-hand all that God was doing in Medellin through OAF. They were able to meet and interact with current street kids that were in two of the programs. After meeting with Bill, Stephen and Kari made a commitment to serve with Open Arms Foundation for three (3) years. Now the journey begins!